Trenching & Excavation Safety Training

If you work in or around a trench, this course is a must. Utilizing the best in video, you will learn the OSHA standards and how to stay safe.

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Trenching & Excavation Course Details

Course Description and Objectives

The course educates workers in the potential hazards of trenching and excavation work and how to eliminate or control the hazards. OSHA’s trenching and excavation standards are discussed and how to comply with them.

Course Content

  • Introduction to trenching and excavation
  • The role and responsibility of a competent person. This includes maintaining the proper documentation, inspecting trenches, the recognition of hazards and protecting personnel from those hazards.
  • Discussion of potential hazards related to trenching and their effect.
  • Introduction to identifying soil types
  • Understanding protective systems, when and how to use them safely. Protective systems discussed include the proper use of sloping, benching, shoring, and shielding.
  • OSHA standards are reviewed related to trenching and excavation and how to safely implement them.


  • A final exam with a score of at least 70% required to pass the class
  • Training time with exam- 40 minutes

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