Scaffolding Safety Training

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Scaffolding Safety Course Details

Course Description and Objectives

The course educates workers in the potential hazards of working with scaffolds and how to eliminate or control the hazards.  OSHA’s scaffold requirements are discussed and how they apply to construction work.

Course Content

  • Introduction to scaffolding
  • Understanding what personnel and training is required. This includes the responsibilities of qualified persons, competent persons, and users of scaffolding. Understanding how these responsibilities relate to the erecting and dismantling of scaffolding, who is responsible to inspect the scaffolding and supervise its everyday use.
  • Understanding potential hazards that those who use the scaffold are exposed to. Focus is given to potential falls, scaffold tip over, and electrical hazards.
  • Understanding potential hazards that others in the area may be exposed to and how to protect against those hazards.
  • Discussion of OSHA scaffold standards, weight capacities of scaffolds, and the importance of following manufacturer instructions.


  • A final exam with a score of at least 70% required to pass the class
  • Training time with exam- 20 minutes

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