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Silica Awareness Safety Training (Single)

Course Description and Objectives

The course educates workers in the potential hazards of crystalline silica and how to eliminate or control the hazards.  OSHA’s new silica standards are discussed and how to comply with them.

Course Content

  • Discussion of what silica is and where it is found.
  • Training is provided in the hazards of silica exposure. A discussion is held on what types of work tasks produce harmful silica.
  • OSHA’s new silica standard is discussed. Students are trained in all aspects of the standard including the requirements of a silica exposure control program, a site specific exposure control plan, and how to implement that plan. Employer options for compliance are discussed including the use of OSHA’s table 1.
  • Training on how to protect workers from the silica hazard. This includes a discussion of the use of engineering controls and respiratory protection.


  • A final exam with a score of at least 70% required to pass the class

Training Time with exam- 20 minutes

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