Lockout/Tagout Construction Training

Do you know what lockout means for your personal safety? This training will teach you how hazardous energy can kill and how to protect your self from it.

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Lockout/Tagout Construction Course Details

Course Description and Objectives

The course educates workers in the potential hazards of working with hazardous energy and how take personal responsibility for one’s own safety by controlling hazardous energy. OSHA’s lockout tagout standards are discussed and how to comply with them.

Course Content

  • Introduction to lockout tagout training and its purpose.
  • The role of each person who works with hazardous energy and the importance of taking personal control of one’s safety.
  • What an energy control (lockout tagout) program is and when it is needed
  • Discussion on the different types of hazardous energy and how they affect workers
  • Instruction on the steps of lockout tagout including de-energizing procedures and energy restoration procedures
  • The answers to frequently asked questions including how to handle multiple pieces of energy, multiple workers, and how to proceed when troubleshooting.
  • What employees who are qualified to de-energize electrical energy must know and introduction to NFPA 70-E requirements.


  • A final exam with a score of at least 70% required to pass the class
  • Training time with exam- 30 minutes

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