Hazard Communication/GHS Training

If you work with, or around, chemicals, this training is for you. The clear and concise training also complies with the OSHA standard.

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Hazard Communication/GHS Course Details

Course Description and Objectives

The course educates workers in the potential hazards of working with hazardous chemicals or materials and how to protect against those hazards. OSHA’s most recent standard is discussed including the new Safety Data Sheets and the GHS standard.

Course Content

  • Introduction to OSHA’s Hazardous Communication Standard (HCS) including the GHS standard.
  • Understanding the dangers of working with hazardous chemicals and the importance of knowing the dangers and how to protect from those dangers.
  • Understanding new container labeling requirements including labeling of secondary containers
  • Difference between NFPA or HMIS and GHS numbering
  • Discussion of pictograms and what they each mean
  • Understanding how to read a safety data sheet and the information contained in each of its 16 sections
  • Discussion of how to apply the HCS to your work


  • A final exam with a score of at least 70% required to pass the class
  • Training time with exam- 25 minutes

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