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Connecting your Company Portal with the App

With your App purchase, a portal is created for your company. At least one company administrator should be designated to manage the portal. There are four portal set up steps that make using the app easy.

Step 1 - Create App Users

In order for your employees to use the app, they must be created in the portal as "App Users". In the portal, (1) Select "App Users", (2) Select Add User" (3) Fill out the fields (4) Change "Select Status" to 'Active and click "Add User".

Step 2 - Set the Users Permissions

The app has 8 modules. You can give your app users access to all the modules, or just some of them. To set their permissions: (1) Go to "App Users", (2) Click "Users Permissions", and (3) Choose what permissions you would like each user to have. Note: If you want them to have access to the entire app, select "All Permissions". Then click "Update" to save the permissions.

Step 3 - Add Projects

When you add project names in the portal, they appear in the app and can be selected by the user to choose what project they are on. In addition, a folder is automatically created in your safety documents for the project. As app users conduct a safety meeting, an inspection, or anything else in the app, they can choose the project and the PDF files for the task are automatically stored int he portal.

(1) Go to "Projects"

(2) Select "Add Project"

(3) Enter the Project Name

(4) Change the status to "Active" and click "Add Project"

Step 4 - Add Employees

Enter all your company employees into the system. They will then show up automatically in the app for the user to select when using all the modules (such as attendees of meetings, injured employees, etc). (1) Go to "Employees Management", (2) Click "Add Employees", (3) Enter the employee name and email address, (4) Select which contractor they work for. If it is your employee select "Current Company Employee" and click "Add User".

If you need help setting up your portal, contact us!

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